Android vs Meego (more precisely Motorola Xoom vs Nokia N9)

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Let me first address the fact that I work for such a company which is a leader in mobile devices. When it comes to mobile phone people still talk about them despite of so many rumors in the market and declining market share. But my post here today is not influenced by that fact anyway, neither I want to pretend something. I'm honestly writing my experience with these 2 devices and their OS'es from my extensive daily use.

I know comparing XOOM with N9 is just like comparing a Whale with a River Shark. Believe me I don't have another Android hand set of similar kind to compare. But I must tell you that despite of the price and HW spec that XOOM has, it still falling behind N9. Here it is how.

I had the opportunity to try N9 as a part of a Nokia internal program for testing. I'm using the device for almost 3 months now. Last Sunday I bought Motorola XOOM by spending almost 40K INR for my personal reason. But after using it almost for a week, I realized its not worth the price I paid for.

User Experience

Chiliproject Init script

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Dear Friend,

This is my init.d script for automatic startup and shutdown of chiliproject (mongrel) using RVM and REE env during system bootup. You can use/modify this script to suite your need for your chiliproject/redmine installation.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Chilliproject init script written by Animesh Das <jobs4ani at gmail dot com>
# chkconfig: - 16 84
# description: Init Script for Chiliproject
# processname: mongrel

# source function library
. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions